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Clubs & Activities

Student Leadership Initiatives -

At Belvedere senior students take a lead role supporting all students during monthly multi-age days. Senior students are the “LEADERS” of small groups comprising of students from every grade grouping. Together they work on creative projects that celebrate learning and generate community spirit. 

First Nations, Metis and Inuit Club - Northern Eagles

Bully Busters

AMA Safety Patrols

Reading / Library Garden Club

Community Projects - Inspiring Hope in Our Community:  Terry Fox Run, Jump Rope for Heart

Partnership with Belvedere Community League - acess to hall, skating rinks, etc.

Free Footie Soccer Team

Track Team

Kids in Action/Hope Mission - afterschool program

Talent Show

Multi-Age Days

School Pride - t-shirts, student agendas, mascot, song, etc.

Hope Garden