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Lunch & Nutrition

Lunch Program
Our school provides a supervised lunch program on a regular basis as a service to parents. Lunch program fees for the 16-17 school year will be determined by September, 2016 (district policy currently under review). However, we encourage parents if at all possible to make other arrangements for lunch. Children benefit from a break in school routine.
Due to safety concerns and time constraints microwaves are not available for student use.
Help us Reduce, Recycle, Reuse with “Garbageless Lunch”. We teach our students to be environmentally friendly as students are expected to take home all garbage including such things as orange peels, plastic wrap and juice containers. Parents should ensure that their child has a sealable plastic bag or appropriate container so that other belongings are not ruined. Help us Reduce, Recycle, Reuse with “Garbageless Lunch”.
Parents wishing to take a child out for lunch during the lunch break are required to check in at the office and with the lunch supervisor in their child’s classroom.
Edmonton Public Schools go outdoors for recess through all seasons. Indoor recess will only occur if it is raining and/or if the outside temperature is below - 23 degrees. Adult supervision occurs during all recesses. 

Morning Snack Program (currently under review)

This program is sponsored in part by the Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation (E4C).  Each morning students receive a nutritious snack item that has been prepared by parent volunteers.

Food for Thought(currently under review)

This program is a non-profit program that provides a healthy lunch for hungry schoolchildren. 

The program began in 2002 after Carol and Bernie Kowalchuk read in the newspaper that the neediest schools in Edmonton receive funding for school-wide lunch programs, but that children in other schools went hungry. "How can kids learn if they're hungry?" the Kowalchuk's asked themselves. They decided to do something about it. They and their friends began funding hot lunches for hungry students at Sifton elementary school. 

Today, the program has grown to cover fourteen (14) schools and provides breakfast, lunch and/or snacks to approximately 500 children every day. In many cases, these schools are fully funded by a single corporate sponsor.  Students are referred to this program by either the teacher or the principal.